Make your own SLIME!
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Some seriously fun slime, goo, goop, gak, ooblick, ooze, gunk!
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 And easy to make.
Here's what you'll need:
A little scientist or 2...and:
Borax, glue and water...and food coloring.

Measure out 1 cup of glue.
We used white school glue, because that is what we have
tons of!  You can use clear glue for a more oozey slime.

Pour into large mixing bowl.
Fill your measuring cup with 1 cup of warm water
 and add that in too.
Then rinse out your measuring cup.

 Add food coloring (about 2 drops green and 3 yellow...or whatever)
and stir it up!

 Then put 1/2 cup warm water into your measuring cup.
Add 1 teaspoon Borax...stir.
 Slowly pour the borax liquid into the green glue mixture and stir.
Stir stir stir.
 Instantly it will start to get stringy and thick.

 This is the part where you set your spoon down and dig in with your hands.
Kind of like kneading are mixing, squishing
and smooshing all the stuff together.
There shouldn't be any liquid left over--it will all be assimilated into slime

It's awesome!
It's like a liquid when it is in your hand holding still...
but becomes hard and solid when manipulated! 
 We sat on the grass and played with it for 2 hours straight!
Don't eat it.  I told my kids they could...
but it was glue and soap...their choice.
No one tried it.  :)

Note:  For an adult and my 8 and 10 year olds, 
this was a mess free activity.
It's easy to manipulate the slime without it getting everywhere...
for the 4 year old...
It got a little messy.  But fun, nothing that I couldn't handle...
we didn't even get out the hose!
Probably smart to play with it outside anyway!

    We are bringing this stuff to the Trunk-or-Treat!
It's THAT awesome!

Stores in an airtight container and lasts weeks!
This would be a fun birthday present for a boy!
Love it!

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