Little Chia Pet heads!
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Chia Pets/Grass heads!
Here's what we did.
We took a bunch of too small little girls tights and cut the feet off...
 We put in a scoop of grass seed right down to the toes...
 A heap of dirt on the top of the grass...
 Then a knot...then another scoop of dirt and a knot...
stability for sitting in the container.
 We covered cleaned yogurt containers with
 paper and let the kids decorate.
 markers, hot glue and googily eyes!

 Decorated and ready to grow! (2 friends came over too)
 The grass begins sprouting between day 2-3!
(although they look dirty because of the water...)

 And the old containers were attracting ants inside the house...
so out on the back patio the little heads went!
 The grass flourished in the sun!
And needed to be watered daily!

Finally came hair cutting day...about 10 days later!
 They were a little bald in the center...
 I didn't even micro-manage!  I just handed the
 kids scissors and let them at it! 
 Even the 4 year old!

This was super fun, and the kids loved the "FAST" results!
They loved to check in on their hair growth fun to see the changes!

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