DIY Lightsaber Pens!
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If you follow my posts,
You saw this one coming!

We did the Sonic Screwdriver pens last month...
and knew a Lightsaber Pen would be ultra simple!

First you will need pens.
I use papermate, the ink removes from the tip,
so you can replace them without throwing away all your work!
Cut the tab off the lid.

And you will need Fimo or bake hard polymer clay!
We are nearly out!

Coil a snake of clay around the tube of the pen.
Press and roll to form the smooth lightsaber blade.
 The lid becomes the hilt.  We used black clay and decorated it with silver.

 lid clicks back on like so...

 Once they were finished, we put them like this on a baking sheet
 into the oven for 30 minutes at 250*

 This one glows in the dark!
 Once baked and cooled off, we put the ink back inside!
 Death Star Destroyed, peace at last!
 Star Wars Geekery at it's finest!
  What kid wouldn't just love writing with a lightsaber in school!
Or giving as gifts at Christmas time!??
And may the force be with you!

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