Another Chair! Restored, Rescued, Rehabilitated, Recycled, Reclaimed, Rustic, Recovery
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 I've got a cute TEAL chair sitting on my front porch now!
It's rustic and reclaimed!

Here's the story.
I was driving home from somewhere with my little 8 year old daughter.
We were on a semi busy street.
I saw a couch and a chair on the curb...FREE right?
I jumped out, quickly grabbed the chair and threw it in the hatch...
I figured I'd get out of traffic before I looked too close at it.

When I got it home...I was mortified.
The chair was totally warped, dilapidated and disgusting!
I was so embarrassed.

I quickly chucked it in the Yard Sale pile of the garage and forgot about it.
A week or so later, my husband found it.
I explained how crappy it was and was going to junk it.

He lovingly went to work.
Quickly taking off the grease stained, worn and sick-o seat cushion.
When I saw him out there with gorilla glue and hand clamps, I got my camera.

He fixed the back board and preserved the distressing.

 He used some wood that he had the little boys
 pound nails into and fashioned a new seat.
The nails were short...and little secret.
Cut to a perfect fit!
    Then he spray painted them my favorite color of TEAL!
The wood was greasy and distressed, so the paint bubbled in places...
Eventually we'll sand down some edges and get that rustic back a little.
But for now, I am so happy with my cute chair on my porch!

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